Month: October 2019

Electrical Work as a Gateway

Nestled between Honduras and Costa Rica and flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is a Central American country growing in popularity as tourism takes off in the country. The country features a unique landscape including many lakes, volcanoes, mountains, and lagoons. Over the last 10 years, tourism to the country has increased by more than 300%. This has had a major impact on the economy of the country. The impact has been positive on the agricultural, commercial, construction, and finance industries.

This growth in tourism has brought an influx of money into Nicaragua which is being used to combat the severe poverty that plagues the Central American nation. What you should also focus on is building a skill-set or a trade that pays well enough for you to live a comfortable life. A good example of this would be investing in an electrician degree and certification. If you reach out to our local electricians you might be able to catch a good interview –

Nicaragua and Poverty

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. Suffering from problems with unemployment and poverty the country also holds the title for the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

This widespread poverty means that nearly 30% of the Nicaraguan population lives on less than $2 per day. This statistic gets even worse, growing to 50%, in rural communities. While the government of Nicaragua has taken some efforts to combat this poverty, many of their efforts fall short. Therefore, many of the Nicaraguan people depend on the efforts and initiatives of international nonprofits and organizations like The Peace Project to provide the assistance needed to overcome the financial difficulties they face.

Education and Poverty and ways to get out by being a handyman

The relationship between education and poverty is complex. When a family is in poverty, many children forego attending school so that they can work. The other side of this decision is that they are unable to gain the necessary literacy and skills needed to further their careers. This leaves them with limited options. With limited options, there is little hope of actually getting out of the cycle of poverty.

No one likes to live in poverty, even if you’re a small business owner like a local lawyer or handyman, you’re going be better off! Serving your community is one of the best joys in life.